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World-Class Intelligence, Tools, and People

Welcome to the National Defense Cyber Alliance (NDCA). We're a non-profit organization partnered with the FBI, dedicated to improving the security of our nation's most sensitive networks. Our mission is to provide unparalleled collaboration, world-class intelligence, cybersecurity education and cutting-edge tools to our partners.

Our Tools

All about security needs Empowering Partners with Cutting-Edge Technology

We provide our partners with access to innovative tools designed to enhance their ability to detect and defend against cyber threats. These tools include the Malware Information Sharing Platform (MISP), Summary Lightweight Inspection Module (SLIM), and other first-of-their-kind advanced toolsets.


An open-source threat intelligence and sharing platform that allows partners to share threat intelligence, indicators, and more.


A custom, light Splunk interface that allows partners to view data submitted in the last 30 days, offering powerful search capabilities to quickly identify potential threats.


A passive tool that enumerates a partner’s attack surface, highlighting potential adversarial targeting of infrastructure and providing insight into shadow IT and vulnerable services.

Strength In Collaboration. World-Class Organizations Of All Sizes.

The NDCA is proud to work with a diverse range of partners, from government agencies to private organizations. Our collaborative approach allows us to pool resources, share intelligence, and defend against mutual threats more effectively.

Global business teamwork
Who we are

Collaboration and Innovation in Cybersecurity

The NDCA is a non-profit formed in coordination with the FBI. It serves as a focal point for the coordination, integration, and sharing of cyber threat intelligence between the Cleared Defense Contractor (CDC) community, financial and commercial sectors, and the United States Government (USG). NDCA partners identify and defend against mutual threats through a new model of collaboration, training, and analytics. The alliance of peers facilitates the relevant and timely exchange of cyber threat intelligence, which improves the security posture for all. The NDCA framework supports the cyber defenses of member organizations while also informing the U.S. Intelligence Community (USIC). The NDCA is a first-of-its kind effort to collaboratively address cyber threats.

Crowdsourced Analytics

Through the NDCA’s Splunk environment, partners work together to conduct analysis with the industry’s best defenders to collaboratively identify threats to their organizations and in turn defend the defense community.

Prescriptive Intelligence

Partners share threats with USG partners, which facilitates rapid coordination between NDCA partners and FBI subject matter experts who are responsible for identified threats.

Virtual Collaboration

Through an externally accessible Malware Information Sharing Platform (MISP) and an encrypted chat community, partners remotely submit and correlate real-time events with other NDCA partners from their respective cyber security environments.

Why Work With Us

Our Commitment Is Keeping You Safe.

The National Defense Cyber Alliance (NDCA) at Redstone Arsenal was founded to improve the security of our Nation’s most sensitive
networks. The NDCA and its partner organizations defend the Nation’s networks through world class intelligence, tools, and people
within an unprecedented collaboration environment.

World-Class Intel

NDCA partners share threat data and collaborate with intelligence subject matter experts to dynamically address threats.

Custom Tools

NDCA-developed custom tools in Splunk and MISP allow for the identification and sharing of threats among partners and the USG.

Trusted People

The people of the NDCA are ultimately what makes it great. Partners are cleared and NDAs make it easy and safe to collaborate.

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